Innoaviate Optimising and designing operations

Innoaviate is a dynamic operations improvement consultancy, specialising in the logistics and aviation sectors. By using our core operational research skills and embracing innovation and the power of technology we help clients improve existing, or design efficient new operations. All Innoaviate employees and associates have over 15 years experience in the transport, logistics and aviation sectors with clients including: Heathrow Airport, Sydney Airport, Vancouver Airport, IATA, EuroControl, Melbourne Airport, Norfolkline and British Airways.


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Innoaviate Optimising and designing operations

Innoaviate is group of associate transport consultants offering a unique blend of transportation, operational research and analytical consultancy skills.

Neville Coss

Neville Coss

Neville is highly proficient in operations planning in airport, airline and air cargo environments. Passionate about working with clients to identify ways technology can enhance passenger experience, enable business growth via providing a competitive advantage, open up new markets, enable change or reduce costs for passenger, baggage and cargo operations. Combining process engineering and analytical skills with a comprehensive understanding of client industries, commissions have delivered operational change and provided clear direction to project stakeholders, with recent work focusing on covid-19 processes for airports and governmental clients.

Modelling Expert
Chad Hsu

Chad Hsu

Chad has an impressive background of business and operation improvements in the aviation industry. He applies a broad analytical skill set and innovations to develop effective operational solutions and planning strategies. His experience includes designing and improving many different functional areas including check-in, security, border control, baggage handling, ramp and cargo operations. Clients benefit from Chad’s ability to work with all organisational levels and providing the necessary strategies to sustain the business growth.

Technology Manager
Chris Hatton

Chris Hatton

Chris has over 15 years of experience working with international clients designing, developing and implementing custom warehouse and WMS software solutions. He is passionate about working with clients to find ways where software can enable business growth, via providing a competitive advantage, opening up new markets, enabling change or simply reducing costs.

Military Logistics Manager
Jon-Paul Priest

Jon-Paul Priest

Jon-Paul is effective leader with the ability to inspire teams to meet and exceed their objectives. JP has proven successful in management roles that demand rigor, a high level of drive, dedication and a focus on delivering business outcomes through the use of methodologies. He has a proven track record in the application of lean management techniques in challenging military operational environments.

Warehouse Operations Specialist
Nigel Castle

Nigel Castle

Results oriented leader with a successful track record of improving both operational performance and bottom line across multiple sites. Proven ability to conceptualize and deliver innovative solutions to business issues. Strong team orientation with the ability to recruit, retain, develop and motivate teams to new levels of productivity and customer service in a safe environment

Specialties: Process excellence & improving operational performance  - Capacity Assessments and modelling - Improving customer focus & experience  - Budget management & cost reduction



Innovations & trials consultant
Julien Roquet

Julien Roquet

Now located in Hong Kong, Julien has managed and delivered aviation related projects for major industry players. He is skilled in identifying new business opportunities in target markets and with existing clients. Recently Julien worked for an international client to design and rollout queue measurement solution, and assess the suitability of innovative liquid screening equipment for use at passenger security checkpoints.

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